Glass Jars With Wood Cap

Straight Wall Glass Jar With Bamboo Wood Lid Seriers Sizes from 30ml to 800ml
High borosilicate glass
Available Volumes:
30ml/60ml/90ml / 170ml / 300ml / 600ml/180ml
 Size #1 :
  30ml D40 mm x H46 mm
 Size #2 :   40ml D40 mm x H57 mm
 Size #3 :   50ml D40 mm x H62 mm
 Size #4 :    60ml D55 mm x H58 mm
 Size #5 :   90ml D55 mm x H72 mm
 Size #6 :  170ml D55 mm x H108 mm
 Size #7 :  180ml D65 mm x H90 mm
 Size #8 :  200ml D65 mm x H98 mm
 Size #9 :  300ml D65 mm x H127 mm
 Size #10 :  420ml D85 mm x H107 mm
 Size #11 :  450ml D100 mm x H87 mm
 Size #12 :  550ml D85 mm x H133 mm
 Size #13 :   600ml D85 mm x H142 mm
 Size #14 :  600ml D100 mm x H108 mm
 Size #15 :  800ml D100 mm x H145 mm
Available Printing:
Silk Screen Printing , CMYK Printing ,Hot Stamping
Safty Packing
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